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Apparently, we’re wasting vast amounts of money, pretty much on purpose. For example;

Whitehall officials said that the report showed widespread savings could be made  throughout local government without a “slash and burn approach” to  public  services. Mr Pickles’s aides said some councils were making  genuine efforts.  They praised Cornwall Council, which has cut £3million  from waste collection services by contracting out to one firm, not six.

Now, how might it have come to pass that Cornwall started using one waste collection firm, rather than six? Could it have something to do with Cornwall having become a unitary? It can’t possibly be that, though, because

THE formation of Cornwall’s new unitary council has been highlighted as one of the worst examples in the country by a senior Conservative party figure. On a visit to Cornwall, Eric Pickles, the newly-appointed chairman of the Tories, said the process of reorganisation had been a disaster – and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

And as we know, it’s not the sort of behaviour he wants to encourage. I presume a hunt is underway for the officials in question so they can be re-educated with the aid of Eric’s pearl-handled revolver.


What’s going on here?

I have my own thoughts and sources regarding what’s going on (and what should go on, but never mind that) as the last dregs of the reorganisation sands fall through the egg-timer (calling anything ‘rushed’ or ‘early’ when the current process started in November 2005 requires a certain cognitive dissonance, but I know what they mean).

“Devon-Exeter unitary decision pre-empted by Cabinet Minister and being rushed through” vs “An anticipated early announcement in Suffolk interpreted as being likely to mean keeping the status quo“.

Can both of those interpretations be correct? Can any controversial change, likely to be challenged in court, really be taken to the point of no return in about six weeks before the general election campaign begins? If not, will David Cameron make good on his recently repeated pledge to reverse any incomplete changes?