I notice I have been getting quite a large proportion of recent visits (unmerited given the amount of content here) from Redundant Public Servant

I did briefly wonder whether people may wonder if we were one and the same, given that my quiescence has coincided with RPS’s meteoric rise. It’s much better written, and more personal, though, so I’m pleading ‘not guilty’. Apart from anything else, I’m not redundant (yet – April 2012 is looking dodgy but frankly I think by then I might be ready to try something different in any case). 

Redundancy is something I think about a lot, of course, seeing it happen to a lot of friends at the moment. As I’ve said before, I live quite frugally, and have been in this game long enough that my redundancy, while not reaching senior civil service levels of generosity, would probably be enough to tide me over for 12 months if necessary – surely long enough to find something else. The more pernicious effect is that the fear of redundancy has completely driven from my mind the possibility of moving to another job elsewhere (in the public sector particularly, but anything insecure). I can’t be the only one, and it may be time to renew calls for public sector ‘continuous service’ and, indeed, pension, rules to become more interoperable. We surely benefit if the people negotiating closer working between health services, social care services, and housing services, have experience in a number of different contexts. Even if that necessarily meant making each individual scheme slightly less generous to keep it cost neutral, I think it would be worth it. 

Anyway, Redundant Public Servant is a cracking blog, even if one that one might ideally wish had never been necessary. Check it out, and if you have any vacancies, post them!


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