The very short exercise.

Did I blink? I think I may have missed something. On May 26th, the Government announced the scale of in-year budget cuts facing local government, and said they would be consulting Councils on which funding streams should be axed to achieve those cuts. Since then, I have been on the lookout for the form and scope of this consultation thinking, perhaps, we’d want to respond to it. A Treasury source told the LGCDCLG will be leading the exercise but with the reductions to come this year, we would expect it to be a short exercise.”

So short, in fact, that I haven’t spotted it – but it must have happened while I was out to lunch or something, because the results (or, at least, the funding streams to be cut) were announced earlier today. I mean really. How are the Government going to pretend they’re listening to us if we don’t even get a chance to say something in the first place. I suppose if this becomes the pattern there’s a chance I might get a quiet life. Or a redundancy notice.


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  2. Unfortunately this isn’t the only example of reality failing to match the rhetoric. Look at the promise to give parents more power to set up acadamies, but Mr Gove only wrote to headteachers asking them to apply, completely bypassing the governors and parents. Much of the correspondance we are receiving from the new government still feels very authoritarian to me.

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