Spot The Difference (Again)

David Blackburn, in the Spectator:

So far so good and the latest morsel of progress is Andrew Lansley’s pledge to hold hospitals accountable for outpatients’ health for one month after discharge.

The plan is designed to prevent the early discharge of patients in order to meet waiting list targets. NHS trusts will be fined if a patient is re-admitted with related symptoms.

Just so we’re clear, then, we are asked to believe the following two things simultaneously:

  • Hospitals are so desperate to meet targets that they are apparently sending sick people home before they are fit to leave hospital, but
  • Hospitals being fined if they admit sick people who were recently patients will have no distorting effect on decisions about patient care at all.

Maybe it’s just me.


One response to “Spot The Difference (Again)

  1. Naw, it’s not just you.

    “Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes”

    Or Goodhart’s law. Well known enough to have it’s own Wikipedia page.

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