Localism has arrived!

Of a kind, anyway. Down in Plymouth, this.

A row has broken out over whether a Plymouth street should be named after former Labour party leader and city MP Michael Foot… Conservative cabinet member Ian Bowyer said it was “overtly political”. Mr Bowyer said he had nothing personal against Mr Foot, who was born in Plymouth. He said: “In the current climate, with unease about politicians, I believe it is not the right time. “However illustrious the name, it is overtly political. It could have been Winston Churchill as far as I was concerned.”

It wouldn’t happen in Portsmouth.


2 responses to “Localism has arrived!

  1. Portsmouth seems even handed about this sort of thing: it has a Clement Attlee Way as well. http://tinyurl.com/33fqsys

    I seem to recall that Hammersmith and Fulham has – or at least had, it may have been renamed – council estate where each block was named after a different member of the 1945 Labour Cabinet. Oh the joy of living in Manny Shinwell or Edith Summerskill House…

  2. thelocalgovernmentofficer

    Oxford has a Nye Bevan Close, and Barking has a Keir Hardie Way.

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