Pedants’ Corner

Something going on today, apparently. No idea what, but it’s resulted more in peace and quiet for me than I had feared. Now, it may be that other people work under far higher pressure and so inevitably make mistakes. Nonetheless, if I were doing the press for a £125m deal, I’d check the name of my client.

Unless there’s a US local authority I don’t know about, then there’s no such entity as “Norwich County Council”. There certainly isn’t one in the UK. There’s a Norwich City Council, and there’s a Norfolk County Council. Indeed the difference is somewhat politically sensitive at the present time. 

Yet every news report about today’s Connaught deal, from the FT to Reuters to Investors’ Chronicle says that they have signed a deal with just such a body. In fairness to them, it may be a rogue news wire rather than their release, but it’s an odd mistake to introduce.

I probably need to get out more.


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