Monthly Archives: August 2009

Topping the poll

Congratulations to Luke Akehurst for a second year as number one in the “Top Blogs by a Councillor” listings at totalpolitics.  Luke’s blog is undoubtedly a fascinating read if you want to hear about the latest in internal Labour Party fights, the thinking behind Government decisions, and why the Labour Left and the Tory Right are necessarily wrong about everything (the ontological argument for Blairism). Congratulations too to new entry at Number 2 and occasional LGO correspondent Paul of The Bickerstaffe Record.

It is perhaps telling, though, that the further you go up the top 30, the more they are blogs by Councillors, and the less they are blogs about being a Councillor. Perhaps that’s the nature of a poll for which everyone votes – local politics will only rarely be very interesting to people who don’t live in the local area in question. Anyway, well done all, well done as well to those very good blogs who opted out for their own reasons, but would clearly have done well had they participated. Some new reading for me, and maybe some new links to add…