Daily Archives: July 16, 2009

21st Century Vanity Publishing

I’m certainly not asking anyone to do this – apart from anything else getting recognition seems to be a fast route to losing anonymity for bloggers of my ilk. I do, though, think it’s a good thing in principle – more to raise the profile of different blogs than to rank one over another – and a reader has already been in touch to say they have voted for me, so:

Vote by e-mail to toptenblogs@totalpolitics.com. Vote for ten, in order, no more, no fewer. Sadly the rules forbid me from telling you how I plan to cast my own vote, lest I seem to be running some sort of unofficial slate. Being anonymous I could even vote for myself, but I shall rise above such petty temptations.

Despite some apparent confusion, you don’t have to be a blogger yourself to vote. Anyway there we are, in the tradition of all good election campaigning, vote how you want, but do vote. 🙂

Oh look, an automated graphic smiling face rather than just text – that reminds me, and indeed much more importantly: I forgot in my review of LGA Conference to mention what was clearly the best thing at the exhibition. I want one.