Difficult times

I’m not in any real sense ‘job-hunting’ – I like what I do and I’m well rewarded for it both in terms of praise for success, job satisfaction and, bluntly, cash (far far less than my University friends who went on to graduate schemes in law, management consultancy, accountancy, the city, or what have you, but well enough). At the same time, I do keep my eye out for interesting things which may come up, as I’m keen to get broad experience and not outstay my welcome or, more likely, run out of new ideas to contribute.

Thumbing idly through the job pages, my eye fell upon this job which would in many ways be right up my street. Not literally, obviously, but very much the kind of role I see myself in as my next job. Ideally I’d prefer to report to a Leader than a Chief Exec, and I suppose to be somewhere a little leafier than the east end, but there are advantages to both of those things too.

I’m not applying, though – I can’t persuade myself that it would be a good idea to take a one-year fixed term contract due to end on the very eve of David Cameron’s likely ascent to Downing Street, and the implementation of a recruitment freeze. I know every job in local government is notionally up for grabs in the annual budget round, but it must be easier to cut someone whose contract is expiring anyway.


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