Welcome to my world

A lot of people blog. A lot of people blog about politics. Most of them are politicians, or would like to be. This is right and proper – they have a need, personal and professional, to tell the world what they think about topical issues.

A number of people also blog about their professional lives, many far more eloquently and informatively than I could aspire to do. Clearly for those employed in some way by politicians, this is harder – it is for us to carry out their orders, not to attempt to force any of our personal views onto them.

Despite this, I feel there is a gap in the world of blogs for someone from the staff side writing, in their spare time rather than as part of a communications role in their own Council, about local government. This is my humble attempt to fill that gap.

For what it’s worth, I am not an apologist for all the activities of Councils, nor for the institutional set-up under which they currently operate. Nonetheless, compared to those who write for sensationalism, or without reference to facts, or both, I will probably appear to be just that.


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